Four civil society organizations from the northern and southern shores of the Mediterranean launched the “Our Mediterranean” advocacy campaign on 9 August 2021.

are working together in the EU-funded pilot project that is being spearheaded by Med Dialogue for Rights and Equality in Tunis.

In working toward a common Mediterranean destiny, the campaign aims at countering the narrative of division, showing the richness and diversity of our Mediterranean common roots, ensuring that shared issues are brought up to the regional and institutional agenda, and finally cultivating a united, peaceful, socio-politically and economically just relationship among Mediterranean peoples and beyond.

Follow a vast variety of activities including written and audiovisual stories, research, expertise exchanges and multi-stakeholder debates conducted online and in eight different participating countries (France, Gaza-Palestine, Italy, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Slovenia and the Netherlands). These activities will provide the building blocks for a road map to consolidate a common north-south vision of the Mediterranean future that involves CSOs, citizens and decision-makers.


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